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Walking the GR7, with our kids and horses

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METAL FREE TREK! the horses will not have shoes on, they have carefully trimmed feet to mimic wild horse hoof shapes, both have been unshod for a long time and are doing great. No bits also 🙂

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Aishlinn introducing the trek

horses in the river

Horses in the river 2

Kids and horses on beach

Kids and horses on beach 2



Supporting these charities

Refugee Rights on the Road – RROR

Alpujarras Kids Space

Please donate! anything would be great for the charities, the donate button is just here below, 5 or 50 euro! (please tell me if you have problems with the paypal) Thank you

200 euro raised even before we leave! thats 100 sent to RROR and 100 to Kids Space

Many thanks to: Bessy, Claire, Michaela, Nicola, Jane, Chris, Sue, Romany and Lisa, and also to Antonio Yerba Cabra for the horses, Antonio Balsa for the field, Barry and Kirsty for the water for the horses (its a desert here!) and to everyone else who has helped out 🙂

 3 of the kids (mini cowgirls/boy!)


Bravo and Columbiana, and two of us mamas and kids 🙂


Hello Friends and people wanting to help out our 2 chosen charities.This April coming, 10 of us (mostly women and children!) will walk gently with our ponies and horses along the GR7 trail that passes through Spain’s natural Parks from the South up to the Pyrenees, We will be raising money for RROR (Refugee Rights on the Road, helping Syrian refugees as they arrive in Greece) and Alpujarra Kids Space (A special supportive place in nature where kids can play and be free and creative) here in Alpujarras.

We will see how far we get in the following months along the GR7! The destination may be the Pyrenees, but for us we will not be in a rush! we will be traveling slowly through some of Spain’s most beautiful areas and enjoying being connected with our kids and horses, nature and our friends. while most importantly raising as much money as we can through your donations for the two charities.

We will upload photos of our journey every few days and also mark where we are on a map, so you can follow our journey, and be a part of it with us in spirit if not in person.

Any donations you can give are very much appreciated, (small ones also very much appreciated!) From now until Mid April any donations we get will be sent : 50% to RROR and 50% to Bene Kids Space. When we start the Trek in April It will be 40% to RROR, 30% to Alpujarra Kids Space and 30% to the caravan to support the trekkers and horses for food. If there is excess money in what we need to feed us and our animals then that will be given to the two charities. Please contact us if you have any questions, thank you for taking time to read this 🙂

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